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Cheung Chau Bun Carnival 2010
Cheung Chau Bun Festival was a traditional and unique festival in Hong Kong. There were 2 fantastic activities -- Piu Sik (Floating Colours) Parade and Bun Tower Scrambling Competition. This amazing festival attracted over thirty thousands of locals and overseas tourists to go to Cheung Chau and experienced this festival. Kuokon Security was proud of providing professional and reliable security service in Cheung Chau Bun Tower Scrambling Competition, including crowd management and equipment protection. The operation of Cheung Chau Bun Carnival 2010 was considered to be successful. Our valued security service and effort were appreciated by the clients.
Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games

Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games was a major event in the Asian international sports arena. Around 2,300 elite athletes competed for gold medals of 262 competition events under 22 sports, making it the largest international multi-sport event ever held in Hong Kong. Kuokon was proud to take part in providing security services for this incredible international event. We created the legend together with the participated athletes, guests, volunteers, spectators and official personnel of the 2009 East Asian Games.

During the games, uniformed guards and operation officers were deployed in different positions of different venues. With our professional security personnel, comprehensive crowd management system and tailor-made emergency procedures, enabled the fluent operation for all the games and the safety of participated athletes, guests, volunteers, spectators and official personnel.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
It was proud that Hong Kong took part in the equestrian events of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The jumping and dressage events were held at the main venue in Shatin and the cross country competition was held at Beas River. This game was a historic and global multi-sport events, Kuokon Security provided the equestrian events with security and guarding services, including order control, crowd management and venue equipment protection. Our professional security personnel strove to perform well in offering security services, the equestrian events were operated successfully and created One World One Dream together with Beijing.
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